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SimmplyGammon is a group of hosts and players dedicated to fun, family-friendly, online backgammon tournament play. Since 2004 SimmplyGammon has provided online backgammon tournaments daily. You can find us at Safe Harbor Games in tournament room 6 everyday from 4:30pm to Midnight, Pacific time. Come join us for some friendly competition in a structured tournament setting.

  In the News - 11/1/2014  
Be sure to join us in SimmplyGammon at Safe Harbor Games on November 15th, which is International Games Day! Backgammon is one of the oldest and most widely played games on our planet, and part of the fun is getting to meet and play opponents from around the globe! SHG will be hosting a Crew vs. Players BG tournament that day at 3 p.m. Pacific Time. Hopefully by then we will all have had a chance to adjust to the winter time zone differences!
~~~~~~~Happedy Wackedy SG Birthday Wishes~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~are going out to *TotallyWacked~~~~~~
~~~~~~~Happy Birdies Two Ewes to our marvelous *Maven~~~~~~~

Holidays & Fun Dates This Month:

Nov.   2 Daylight Saving Time ends (U.S.)
Nov.   4 Election Day (U.S.)
Nov.   6 Full Moon
Nov.   6 Men Make Dinner Day
Nov. 11 Veterans Day (U.S.)
Nov. 11 Canada Remembrance Day
Nov. 13 World Kindness Day
Nov. 15 International Games Day
Nov. 17 Take A Hike Day
Nov. 27 Thanksgiving Day (U.S)


SimmplyGammon has its own forum that we call the SG Family Site.  We welcome all players who have played an SG tournament to join this forum.  Registration is currently CLOSED due to spaming.

If you would like to register for the site please email us at and we will open the registration for you.  We ask that you register in a player nick you have registered at SHG so we can verify you are a player with us.

Please be sure to join us for SG's October, 2014, Tournament Of Champions, to be held on Friday, November 21, 2014. Qualifiers list can be found here. Come to watch or play, everyone is welcome!

Congratulations to our September 2014 Backgammon TOC Winners!
First Place: wascullywabbit   Second Place: BreadnCircuses   Third Place: sg_dani


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