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SimmplyGammon is a group of hosts and players dedicated to fun, family-friendly, online backgammon tournament play. Since 2004 SimmplyGammon has provided online backgammon tournaments daily. You can find us at Safe Harbor Games in tournament room 6 everyday from 4:30pm to Midnight, Pacific time. Come join us for some friendly competition in a structured tournament setting.

  In the News - 4/1/2014  
SimmplyGammon wants to shout out a Very Happy Birthday to Safe Harbor Games!!! SHG opened on April 13, 2008 and has been a wonderful, warm and friendly home to SimmplyGammon as well as tons of other features and games! Thanks to the SHG crew for all they do!
SG's April schedule will be streamlined, as we have a few hosts on leave all at the same time. We'll be with you every day for as many tours as we can keep covered. As, always, thanks to all of our hosts and players!

Holidays & Fun Dates This Month:

April is National Poetry Month (U.S.)
Apr 1 April Fool's Day
Apr 13 Palm Sunday
Apr 14 Passover Begins
Apr 15 Income Tax Day (U.S.)
Apr 15 Full Moon
Apr 16 National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day (U.S.)
Apr 18 Good Friday
Apr 20 Easter
Apr 22 Earth Day
Apr 23 Administrative Professionals Day
Apr 24 Take Your Child(ren) To Work Day &
Apr 25 Arbor Day (U.S.)


That from March forward, winning the SimmplyGammon TOC does not qualify you for the next month's SimmplyGammon TOC?

To qualify for SimmplyGammon's Tournament of Champions you must place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a regularly scheduled tournament in TR-6.

Just FYI, all SimmplyGammon Hosts automatically qualify for each SG TOC, a perk of being a SimmplyGammon Host  ;)

Please be sure to join us for SG's March, 2014, Tournament Of Champions, to be held on Friday, April 18, 2014. Qualifiers list can be found here. Come to watch or play, everyone is welcome!

Congratulations to our February 2014 Backgammon TOC Winners!
First Place: burnieboy   Second Place: SG_Abuelita    Third Place: wascullywabbit


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